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Yazıcılar Holding A.Ş  is a holding company, which is owned in majority by the Yazıcı Family. Yazıcılar Holding holds 68% of  shares in Anadolu Endüstri Holding A.Ş. (“AEH”), which is the holding company of Anadolu Group (“Group”), and various stakes in its subsidiaries. Yazıcılar Holding was incorporated in 1976 by Mr. Kamil Yazıcı.

Anadolu Group is organized and primarily managed in five principal groups: beverages, automotive and retail. In addition, the Group has interests in a number of other sectors such as financial services, real estate, information technology, asset management and electricity production. The Company has no other operations outside the interests of Anadolu Group.

Yazıcılar Holding shares were offered to public in 2000 in Istanbul Stock Exchange. The free flaot of the Company as of Dec. 31, 2015 is 28.3%.

The market capitalization of Yazıcılar Holding as of Dec. 2015-end is approximately USD 700 million, while the share of foreign investors in free float is around 63%.